OPINION: Here are my Questions for Illiana

I challenge Rich James and others who feel a tingle up their leg about the Illiana Expressway to answer the following:

1. How will a toll road 20 miles distant from U.S. 30 and 25 miles distant from I-80 reduce traffic thereon?

2. Enumerate the permanent jobs apart from one or two toll collectors that Illiana will create.

3. Do you recommend the use of spoons instead of shovels so more temporary jobs will be created?

4. Would an expansion of Ind. 10 accomplish the same purpose at less cost?

5. Does Illiana increase the prospects for Gary/Chicago International Airport or Peotone?

6. Will those whose land will be taken be paid for inconvenience? Will we receive free lawyers as criminals do?

7. Will property values next to or near the Illiana increase or decrease due to Illiana?

8. To what extent will Lake County tax revenue be reduced?

9. If the Illiana proves to be a flop, who will end up paying the bill?

10. Who speaks up for the little guy?

– Bill Kowalski, Cedar Lake

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