Hire An Eminent Domain Attorney

The decision to hire an attorney or law firm can sometimes be a difficult decision. In legal proceedings where eminent domain and condemnation are involved many law firms and attorneys are unfamiliar with nuances and details that can lead to a successful outcome for a landowner. Sever Storey Walker has successfully litigated positive outcomes for landowner clients in over 500 eminent domain cases. Our clients have included landowners with commercial, farm and residential properties of all shapes, sizes and types. We have litigated cases involving transmissions lines, pipelines, redevelopment commissions and road projects.

Experienced Representation You Can Afford

If you want to control your legal fees and reduce your risk, use a contingency fee. Many of our clients are concerned about paying legal fees in an eminent domain action. That is why Sever Storey Walker has provided contingency fee arrangements for its eminent domain clients.

In contingency fee arrangements, our firm is only compensated if we add value to your case over and above your offer. In a contingency fee arrangement, the attorney has no incentive to conduct wasteful discovery, use unnecessary experts, or drive up needless litigation costs. Clients can feel comfortable hiring a qualified and experienced eminent domain attorney without worrying about fees and billing on a monthly basis. The attorney has every incentive to be efficient and, most importantly, win the case. In our opinion, a contingent-fee arrangement is the most efficient method of compensating the attorney for the result obtained.

Hourly and Flat Fee representation is available.