Anyone who receives notice that their property is the subject of an eminent domain action, otherwise known as condemnation, should consult with an eminent domain attorney. 

Too often, people avoid contacting a lawyer when they’re faced with this type of legal challenge for numerous reasons, such as:

 – They believe the government would have their best interests in mind and would offer fair compensation.

 – They do not want to impede progress for the “public good.”

 – They are intimidated and believe there is no other option but to cooperate.

Unfortunately, none of these assumptions are actually true, meaning you might be more vulnerable and at-risk than you initially believed. This misconception is the perfect example of why you should hire an eminent domain attorney. With the help of legal counsel that specializes in the field, landowners can protect their rights and obtain the maximum amount of compensation they deserve, and then some. An eminent domain attorney can help you in the following ways and more:

Advise You of Your Rights With Eminent Domain

Government agencies cannot simply come in and take any property that they want. First, the 5th Amendment requires that they adequately demonstrate that the condemnation will truly be for public use and meet other criteria. You have the right to require the state to meet the criteria before taking your property. Additionally, if only part of your property is actually necessary, you have the right to protect your ownership of the rest of your property that is not needed for the project.

Ensure You Receive Just Compensation

The government, like anyone else, is trying to conserve funds. For this reason, the first offer for your property is often the lowest amount it deems possible and rarely constitutes full reasonable compensation. An attorney has the resources to help you receive the amount you deserve for the value of your property, relocation expenses, and more. In some cases, an eminent domain attorney may be able to get you more than the government is offering. The lawyers at Sever Storey will help protect and defend your rights and your property. 

Guide You Through a Complicated Process

Eminent domain cases and related laws are complex and can be confusing to the average property owner. You should not be expected to understand the jargon used, nor should you be punished for not understanding the process. 

That’s why hiring an eminent domain attorney pays off in more ways than one. A skilled lawyer can help guide you through every step of the process in terms you can understand. With an eminent domain attorney representing you in every stage of your case to protect your rights, you’ll be able to get the compensation you deserve. 

Looking To Hire An Eminent Domain Attorney?

If you’re facing eminent domain, do not try to fight it yourself. Contact our expert eminent domain lawyers at Sever Storey, and we will make sure you get as much compensation as possible.