Legal Challenge to Ameren power line in appeal


A state appeals court is listening to a request for the route of a high-voltage American transmission line to be reconsidered. More than 400 public comments on the proposed route were filled with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). Opponents are arguing that the high voltage line will hurt property values, interfere with framing and create environmental hazards.

The proposed new route would be 18 miles shorter and save approximately $36.8 million.  This differs to what the ICC found earlier that the route as approved would be least expensive when “all costs and benefits are taken in account”.  The ICC agreed to rehear the case in February but stood by its decision, therefore the case then went to the appellate court.

The Ameren Transmission spokesman stated that work has continued and doesn’t see any reason the project won’t proceed as originally anticipated, with the entire process completed by the fourth quarter of 2019.  The ICC spokesman said the appellate court could either uphold the commission decision on the proposed route or send the case back for further consideration.

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