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Illinois Appoints Land Acquisition Ombudsman for Illiana Project

Will County State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow appointed Michael Hansen to serve as an arbitrater or ombusman for land acquisition associated with the proposed Illiana Expressway. The road, which would traverse approximately 40 miles of land in Will County, will require the purchase of thousands of acreage from landowners.

According to information from the Illiana Corridor Committee, there are 22 residential properties and 2,725 acres of farmland that are in the path of the expressway and its 400-foot wide right of way. A significant portion of the proposed route travels about two miles north of the Will-Kankakee County line.

The ombudsman, as the position is being referred to, will not report to officials with Will County or the state. An ombudsman typically acts as in-between in settling disputes or complaints.

Among his duties, Hansen will:

• Explain property owners’ right regarding on-site inspections by state surveyors and appraisers.

• Educate owners on state guidelines for property acquisition and relocation assistance.

• Inform owners of eminent domain powers.

• Inform landowners of the negotiating process for the sale of property.

• Recommend real estate appraisers to assist owners with IDOT negotiations.

• Act as an intermediary between owners and IDOT.

SEVER STOREY NOTE: Despite Mr. Hansen’s presence in land acqusition, it is important to note that there are still plenty of competent resources available for landowners subject to eminent domain–including Sever Storey–that will help for free. Furthermore, ombudsmen are regularly appointed for large scale projects, but that is no guarantee that offers of just compensation will be appropriate.

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