A federal judge has allowed natural gas pipeline company Energy Transfer Rover Pipeline to seize land in order to construct a natural gas pipeline through several Ohio counties. At issue in the case were 116 parcels of land situated in Lenawee, Livingston, and Washtenaw counties on which the company had not yet been able to obtain right-of-way agreements with the owners.

According to information about the project published at RoverPipelineFacts.com, the project involves a “new interstate natural gas pipeline that is designed to transport 3.25 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/day) of domestically produced natural gas to markets in the Midwest, Northeast, East Coast, Gulf Coast and Canada.” The company claims that the pipeline will provide a reliable and long-term supply of low-cost natural gas to the Ohio and Michigan regions.

Livingston Daily reports that U.S. District Court Judge Mark A. Goldsmith ordered the company to deposit $2.5 million with the court clerk that property owners could withdraw from. In addition, Judge Goldsmith indicated that he would work to determine fair compensation for property owners who would lose their property through the exercise of eminent domain.

When the Government Takes Property, Landowners are Entitled to Just Compensation

People who have their land seized through eminent domain are often confused about what exactly is going on. The idea that the government or a utility company can force you to sell your land seems contrary to everything we understand about property rights in the United States.

Eminent domain is a power given to the government (and, in some cases, private companies) to take privately owned land for some sort of public good. Landowners whose property is seized pursuant to an exercise of eminent domain are entitled to just compensation for their property, however. Not surprisingly, parties exercising eminent domain often offer landowners far less than what their property is worth, which is why it is critical for anyone facing condemnation (an exercise of eminent domain) to retain an attorney who will make sure the compensation they receive is fair.

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