City of Braidwood Approves Illiana Resolution

The Braidwood City Council approved a resolution supporting the proposed Illiana Expressway in early September, joining several other cities and organizations in support behind the project.

The Illiana Expressway is a proposed 40-mile highway that would connection Wilmington, IL to Lowell, IN. The project is still waiting on approval from both the Chicago Metropolitation Planning Commission and the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission before going forward. Many entities are currently voicing support or disapproval of the road.

Both the Will County Governmental League and the Will County Center for Economic Development called for the resolution of support, Mayor Bill Rulien said in discussion before the vote.

The issue is to be voted on by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning in October. CMAP’s inclusion of the plan as part of the long range goals for the region is seen as a key factor in moving forward.

Rulien said those opposed do not see the necessity as clearly as Braidwood: “We think it is because they don’t live down here with the trucks.”

The resolution in support of construction reads, in part:

“With the opening of the intermodal facility in Joliet and Elwood there has been a significant increase in heavy truck traffic seeking an alternate east-west route. The damage to our narrow local roads has been considerable.

“Soon Ridgeport will open as the third intermodal facility in neighboring Wilmington with yet another proposed rail industrial park approved in Coal City. Since none of these facilities are anywhere near capacity yet, it is appropriate to start building a major road to handle existing and future truck traffic.”

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