Another Village Joins in on the Fight Against the Three Rivers Project

The Village of Savoy is the latest entity to join in against Ameren’s proposed Three Rivers Project across Illinois.

The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved Ameren Illinois to build a 138,000-volt transmission line from the Rising substation in western Champaign, along the west side of the city, roughly a quarter-mile west of Rising Road, then south past Curtis Road in Savoy. Construction of the line has already begun.

On Nov. 7 Ameren Transmission Co. of Illinois, an entity associated with Ameren Illinois, filed for approval from the ICC to build a 345,000-volt transmission line to connect the Rising substation with the Sidney substation, which could follow the same route as the 138,000-volt line. The hearing for approval of the 345,000-volt line is still pending.

Savoy will join in a consortium with the City of Champaign to learn more about the massive line.

Sever Storey is offering its legal services to any landowners that feel they may be affect by the Three Rivers Project. The firm is already representing a Clark County group in the matter.

If you think you may be affected by the Ameren Three Rivers Project and/or would be interested in a free Sever Storey speaking arrangement contact our attorneys at any time at 1-888-318-3761 or visit us on the web at


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