I-55 at Weber Rd Study Area

ROMEOVILLE — Will County will likely have to resort to “quick take” powers to gain control of land needed to complete the road project at Weber Road and Interstate 55 in Romeoville from property owners.

To coincide with the Illinois Department of Transportation’s spring 2016 bid-letting timeline, Will County Highway Engineer Bruce Gould said the county needs to go to the Illinois General Assembly this fall for approval to bypass potentially lengthy eminent domain court proceedings.

Otherwise, the county’s portion of the major road project could be delayed another two to three years, Gould told members of the Will County Executive Committee Thursday. There are 26 parcels in all needed for right-of-way, he said.

Quick take powers allow local governments to take control of land after filing a condemnation case by paying the approximate value of the property, also known as “preliminary just compensation,” to the property owner, according to IDOT. Quick take doesn’t strip away property owners’ rights to argue land value, but it allows the county to take land needed for the project prior to anticipated court proceedings.

Gould’s announcement was welcomed by committee Chairman Jim Moustis, R-Frankfort, and board member Don Moran, D-Romeoville.

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