At Sever Storey, we are lawyers that find solutions and deliver results. We’ve represented hundreds of landowners and businesses that have been affected by eminent domain and condemnation, and we’ve figured out what works. Our attorneys have extensive practical experience and are familiar with the unique problems that often arise in the eminent domain and condemnation processes. This invaluable experience allows our attorneys to identify issues and solve problems you might not have even contemplated. On behalf of our clients, we’ve squared off against state and local governments, pipeline and power line operators, and developers. We have represented farmers, business owners, and residential landowners from all walks of life. Clients come to our attorneys with cases where a few hundred dollars is at stake, and we represent them just as passionately as we represent clients whose cases involve millions of dollars of compensation. We’ve even taught other attorneys how to better serve clients faced with eminent domain or condemnation. When we give recommendations and advice, you can rest assured it’s coming from experienced, knowledgeable attorneys who are looking out for you.