In North Carolina many landowners are learning about eminent domain the hard way.  With a record number of eminent domain cases to be filed in the next several years the need for qualified representation is at an all time high.  If you are a landowner who is facing eminent domain you need to make sure your decisions are the right ones.  One wrong move and you could leave hundred if not millions of dollars of compensation on the table.

So the question is: when should you hire/contact a North Carolina eminent domain attorney?

The answer:

1) You should contact an North Carolina eminent domain attorney AS SOON AS YOU BECOME AWARE YOUR PROPERTY IS WITHIN THE PATH OF THE ROUTE. Why this early? It allows your attorney enough time to start building a strategy. An experienced eminent domain attorney like the ones at Sever Storey will automatically spot areas to look out for if the route is known.

2) You should HIRE AN ATTORNEY AS SOON AS YOU ARE PROVIDED AN APPRAISAL BY THE STATE/TOLLWAY/UTILITY COMPANY/ETC. This appraisal will give an experienced eminent domain attorney all he or she needs to give you a good idea if you need to fight for more compesnation. In addition if will also detail the effect the project will have on your property, and will reveal the errors the condemning authority made in the valuation of your property.

Unsure if you should hire an eminent domain attorney? Let our North Carolina eminent domain attorney at Sever Storey review your appraisal FOR FREE. Our North Carolina Eminent domain attorney will exam your appraisal and GIVE YOU A FREE CASE REVIEW. No strings, no invoices, no hourly fees; just honest assessment and evaluation free of charge. Our North Carolina attorney, Shiloh Daum is ready to help you with your eminent domain problem.

If you are interested in a free consultation or appraisal review, contact our eminent domain landowner attorney Shiloh Daum at 888-318-3761 or email him directly at