Sever Storey is issuing an alert to Indiana landowners.  It appears as if some construction of the I-69 highway has caused significnat water related problems for adjacent landowners.  Some landowners have experienced a significant loss of water from their underground acquifers.   Wells have run dry causing significant irrigation and drinking water issues.  In other instances, the construction of the highway has caused new floodplains.  Water runoff from the highway has caused some farms to submerged under a significant amount of water.  The landowner does have rights if water problems occur. In these circumstances the landowner can bring an inverse condemnation case and hold the government accountable for the damages suffered.  If you have a water issue associated with your land as a result of INDOT construction you may have a claim.  To have your claim reviewed please contact Sever Storey at 888-318-3761 or by email to