ELDORADO, IL (KFVS) – A highway project in Saline County is moving forward after years of planning.

Some folks sold pieces of their property to make room for the new four lane road, others have to deal with the encroaching pavement.

The project will upgrade US 45 from two lanes to four, stretching nine miles north of IL 141.

Developers say it will promote economic development, but some folks say it will drive them away.

“A lot of pickups come by,” said Bob Gans.

Gans is one of the residents whose front yard will be much smaller once the project is complete, adding on to the already noisy front yard.

“It has its moments,” he said.

He and his wife retired in Eldorado for a more quiet lifestyle, he worries the four lane highway give him reason to leave and turn north closer to his family.

“We thought we were settled because we are up there in age now, time will tell i guess,” said Gans.

It’s the same story down the road to Tony Jones who sold part of his property. He says the sale cut his property in half.

“Through that cut right there, it is going to make a curve through that post and then it will meet back up with Alexander (street) just before s cemetery,” Jones said.

Calling it an intrusive move, but having owned the property for 45 years, he says he has no plans to move.

“I have roots deeper than some of those trees,” said Jones.

Bids will go out in June.

IDOT says they hope to start the project this fall and have it completed in 2015.

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