Officials have talked for years about a four-lane highway reaching from U.S. Route 45 in Saline County to Evansville, Ind., and Interstate 64. Illinois Department of Transportation appears poised to begin work on the next phase of that project and while that opens a major highway shipping route from the interstate to U.S. Route 45 and to the four-lane state Route 13 from Harrisburg to points west, it will cause a major financial cost to the city of Eldorado.

“It’s looking up to $1 million. There is no way we can afford it. I want the taxpayers in Eldorado to understand that some things are forced on us we can’t control,” Mayor Rocky James said.

Only a small portion of the highway remains to be widened in Eldorado — from about the area of Country Financial in Eldorado north to the city limits near the horse stables. Water and sewer lines will need to be moved from the area of Casey’s General Store north to the city limit at a preliminary cost of about $1 million.

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