The Uptown Interchange project, which will create a new intersection at I-71 and West MLK Drive in Cincinnati, has garnered a great deal of support from ODOT and local government recently. However, funding construction has been an issue for some time now. It appears though that all thats left is for the City of Cincinnati to come up with another $25 million before the project can go full steam ahead.

The City has already pledged $20 million in revenue from the city-wide parking lease. The anticipated plan is for the city to jointly borrow the money from the State along with the OKI Regional Council of Governments. The two groups would then work together to pay the loan back. OKI is scheduled to vote on that proposal next month. The results of that vote will likely be determinative of the timeline for the project.

It is anticipated that right-of-way acquisition will begin within the next few months. If your property will be affected and your would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the eminent domain attorneys at Sever Storey by phone at 317-575-9942 or on the web at