Updated U.S. 33 rerouting plans in Goshen includes acquisition of 29 residential properties, 6 businesses

GOSHEN — Planning for the U.S. 33 Northern Connector in Goshen continues, and residents and commuters in the area were able to get the latest updates for the project.

The Indiana Department of Transportation met with the public Tuesday evening, Dec. 16, at the Goshen High School auditorium to give updated information, share the anticipated timeline and get more feedback. 

INDOT, working with city officials, is planning to reroute U.S. 33 away from Madison and Main Streets in downtown Goshen and build a new path for the traffic. The plans also include the construction of three overpasses on Lincoln Avenue, Ninth Street and Cottage Avenue. 

Staff from the INDOT Northwest office first presented the project in March this year, and since then have made some changes to the proposed route and gotten federal approval of its environmental document. 

The project now would require the acquisition of 29 residential properties and six businesses, as opposed to the original 31 residential properties and five business properties. 

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