The eminent domain attorneys at Sever Storey, LLP will be hosting a few seminars in the upcoming weeks in the great State of Ohio.  

There is currently a seminar scheduled for April 1, 2013 in Oxford, Ohio regarding the US 27 widening project.  This seminar will focus on a portion of US 27 between Stillwell-Beckett Road and Chestnut Street.  It will start at 6:30pm, and the information presented will focus on the project and the eminent domain process.  Please contact us if you are interested in more information.

Sever Storey will also host seminars for two other projects, the US 33/Bixby Road project in Franklin County and the I-75 Mill Creek Expressway in Hamilton County.  Both of these seminars are in the process of being scheduled, and more information will be provided when it is available.  These seminars will also provide information regarding the projects and the eminent domain process.

Any and all interested parties are welcome to attend any of the seminars hosted by Sever Storey, LLP.  For more information about the eminent domain attorneys at Sever Storey, or if you are involved in your own eminent domain dispute, please contact our office at any time at 1-888-318-3761 or visit us on the web at

George Padgitt

Sever Storey

Eminent Domain and Condemnation Attorneys for Landowners