The U.S. Department of Energy has released a 3,700-page Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a $2 billion, 720-mile transmission line to pass through Arkansas. 

In April, Clean Line Energy Partners, a private transmission company in Houston, Texas,announced it would build a $100 million converter station along the Plains & Eastern Clean Line’s route, somewhere in central Arkansas. The DOE’s draft impact statement said based on Clean Line’s feasibility evaluation, the converter station could be sited in either Pope County or Conway County. 

“This alternative converter station would be similar to the Oklahoma and Tennessee converter stations except that it would likely require a smaller land area, encompassing approximately 40 to 50 acres, ” the draft reads. “Based on preliminary design and studies, it would be capable of interconnecting 500-megawatts. With the implementation of this alternative, the delivery capability of the project would be increased to 4,000-megawatts.

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