A $53 million construction project to widen the remaining portion of Interstate 70 in Clark County may be funded in fiscal year 2020.

The project — to add a third lane in both directions on I-70 from U.S. 68 to Ohio 72 — had once been delayed until 2036.

The state’s Transportation Review Advisory Council on Thursday announced a draft list of its major construction projects that will be paid for with more than $2 billion in transportation funding.

The 3.4-mile stretch is the only section for about 85 miles along I-70 that has two lanes. The stretch of road runs from the north side of Dayton to the east side of Columbus.

The local project moved up on the state’s priority list and is now among the top 37 transportation projects.

Local leaders and Ohio Department of Transportation District 7 officials have been seeking money for the projects for years and are pleased the construction may accelerated.

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