Last week, the long-anticipated, much-maligned proposed South Suburban Airport took a huge step when the layout for the airport was submitted to the FAA for approval and Gov. Quinn asked the Illinois General Assembly for the remaining $70 million needed for land acquisition.

This week, the Abraham Lincoln National Airport Commission met with officials hearing a report about a bill that would create a South Suburban Airport Authority.  The bill appears to be presented to the Illinois General Assembly either during the veto session beginning Nov. 27 or during the spring.

What it appears to mean: Naturally, if the third Chicago airport comes to fruition, it would require an overseeing authority for construction and other development.

What it really means: Creating an SSA just creates another land acquisition authority in the area if need be. Within the article linked, it states that the SSA would oversee construction and help determine any development done near the airport.

“We want to have things built near the airport that enhance it, not conflict with it,” Executive Director of the Commission Bryant said.

As would be expected with any large scale land acquisition project, there will be “residual” acquisitions–meaning, they are going to need land outside of the SSA perimeter for parking, hotels, and other airport amentities.

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