BLOOMINGTON — Enbridge hopes to start construction on a planned 165-mile oil pipeline this spring, but some landowners still are attempting to derail the project.

The Calgary, Alberta-based company currently is building a pump station at its Flanagan Terminal in rural Pontiac and also one outside Decatur, said Jennifer Smith, the company’s communication manager.

“About 90 percent of the land (needed for the pipeline) has been acquired along the route,” she said.

The pipeline will start at the Flanagan Terminal and travel south through several counties, including McLean, DeWitt and Macon, ending at a major refinery hub in Patoka in southern Marion County.

Smith said there are 68 parcels still needed for the project, called the Southern Access Extension. That property is now the subject of eminent domain cases in circuit courts. No trials have started. Initially, there were 80 parcels, she said, but the company has reached agreements with the other landowners.

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