Throughout my experience as an eminent domain attorney in Illinois, I have found one disturbing and reoccurring theme for landowners: the non-Chicagoland area gets ignored. For example, whenever I speak to landowners in Plainfield, or Orland Park, or even McHenry, there are always mentions and hints that other attorneys have marketed to them. On the contrary, whenever I speak to people in Pekin, Bloomington, or Quincy, the general sentiment is that they can’t believe someone like me exists.

Indeed, the reality for most Illinois eminent domain attorneys is that the only land subject to condemnation takes place inside of I-80/294/355.

The reality for Attorney Jordan Walker, however, is that it doesn’t matter of you’re in Marengo or Marion, Moline or Marshall, I am willing to take the fight to you across the great state of Illinois. We are also friendly to the Chicagoland, too, and represent several landowners in the 312/708 area codes. Sever Storey and Mr. Walker have been specifically aggressively marketing their services for landowners subject to the proposed Illiana Expressway.

For landowners in south and central, Illinois, Sever Storey’s full-state services become crucial. For the next several years, powerlines and pipelines will be criss-crossing and tearing apart the landscape of downstate Illinois. These massive utility companies—like Ameren and Enbridge—will be preying on the ignorance of landowners and acquiring land for pennies on the dollar. Don’t let these companies run over you and your land without adequate legal representation.