Attorney Jordan Walker from Sever Storey will be meeting with Illinois landowners who are having their property taken by eminent domain and condemnation for the Charles Miller Road Improvement Project on January 3rd, 2013.  The Charles Miller Road Improvement Project is primarily a road widening with planned construction of some additional turn lanes.  It is very likely that Illinois landowners who are having a potion of their property taken due to the road widening will have significant set back or residual damages to their property.  Currently several landowners have recieved their intitial offers from the State.  It is our opinon that these offers do not provide the proper compensation for the land being taken and the damage being done to the remiander of the property.  

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As previously discussed, Jordan will be in the area on January 3rd. If you would like to meet with Jordan in person please call our scheduling assistant Janet Firari at 888-318-3761 or contact Janet by email at