Attorney Tonny Storey, of Sever Storey, stood arm and arm with residents of about 4,000 acres in Kokomo as they heard their elected city council unanimously approve the annexation of their neighborhood.

But that isn’t the end of it. Not by a longshot.

“The purpose of us coming today was to let them know that the landowners are concerned and that this isn’t something that they’re terribly thrilled about,” Storey said. “But [in a way that is] nice and orderly. That’s the way this needs to be.”

Remonstrators–opponents of the proposed annexation–have rallied with the assistance and support of Sever Storey to fight the city of Kokomo’s proposed annexation of land along the new US 31 Kokomo Corridor extending from the interchange at Ind. 26 north to Markland Avenue.

In order to file a petition against the annexation, those remonstrators must have signatures representing 65 percent of the land parcels or 75 percent of the assessed value in the area to stop the annexation in court.

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