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Sever Storey Recent Results

Sever Storey is an eminent domain and condemnation law firm serving landowners in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina. The following are recent results for Sever Storey clients:

State of Indiana v. Client, State Offer was $49,645, case resolved for $115,000.00

In this case the State was taking land to install a highway on the client’s land.  The taking caused certain parts of the property to be landlocked.  More importantly the access that the client used to enter the property was taken away.  We argued that the removal of access was  a residual damage.  The case was eventually resolved.

State of Indiana v. Client:, State Offer was $29,000, case resolved 1/21/2013 for $70,000

In this case the State was taking land to install a highway on recreational land owned by the client.  The client lived on the property in a house overlooking the recreational land.  In this case the highway was being installed in close proximity to the client’s house.  It also removed a pond and several scenic trees.  The State argued that no set back or residual damage occurred due to the fact the highway was as far away from the house as was typical in the area.  Sever Storey argued that residual damages were appropraite in this condemantion case.  It was argued that the State was introducing a set back where none had otherwise existed and therefore residue damages were appropriate.  This case was settled.

BCD v. Shree Prestige, Inc.

Sever Storey operating on behalf of Shree Presitge, Inc. counterclaimed BCD. In this case BCD filed suit against Shree Prestige for enforcement of certain part of a lease.  Shree Prestige Inc. counterclaimed for past due rent and destruction of certain parts of the property. BCD’s claims were dismissed.  A bench trial was conducted by Phil Sever of Sever Storey. Shree Prestige Inc. was awarded $1,617,271.30.

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