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Helping individuals and businesses relocating due to eminent domain condemnation obtain compensation for their relocation expenses

One of the most important issues that often arises in the context of eminent domain actions is ensuring that landowners and others with an interest in real property obtain compensation for all of their losses related to the property taking. In addition to compensating a landowner for the full fair market value of their land, the government is also required to compensate displaced persons and businesses for the expenses associated with relocation, which is necessary in many eminent domain cases. In some situations, these expenses can become the source of significant disputes as government entities are reluctant to voluntarily offer compensation for relocation.

As a result, it is important for people who are facing an eminent domain action to retain legal counsel as soon as they are made aware that such an action is pending. By retaining an attorney early in the process, you can make sure that your legal rights are protected during every step of the process. The attorneys at the Indiana office or Sever Storey, LLP understand your right to relocation benefits and will stand up to government agencies to protect those rights.

What types of relocation expenses may be compensable?

Federal law and state law requires those displaced by government action to be compensated for the expenses associated with relocation. The applicable law will depend on the circumstances of your particular case. Generally speaking, however, the government is required to compensate people and business that are forced to relocate for the following kinds of expenses:

• The actual costs associated with transporting people and property to the replacement site

• Packing and storing personal property and unpacking it at the relocation site

• Taking apart, removing, reinstalling, or disconnecting fixtures or other items that the government exercising eminent domain does not want

• Storage of personal property, up to one year

• The costs associated with obtaining bids for moving expenses

• Insurance premiums associated with claims made on property lost or damaged as a result of the move

• The costs associated with obtaining business permits and licenses at the destination

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If you are facing a condemnation action due to eminent domain, you do not only deserve to receive just compensation for your land but also any relevant relocation benefits. Often, the first offer from the government will be way too low to cover all of your losses, so it is never wise to accept an offer without first consulting with a highly experienced eminent domain attorney. At the law office of Sever Storey, LLP in Indiana, we have dedicated our practice entirely to eminent domain cases and, therefore, we have developed the skill and knowledge to successfully represent landowner interests, including relocation rights. We always offer free consultations and have contingency fee arrangements to alleviate your concerns about the costs of legal representation. Please do not hesitate to call us at 888-318-3761 to discuss your case for no charge today.