Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn announced Thursday a capital investment of more than $16.2 million for a road construction project in Moline that ultimately will include expansion of John Deere Road from four to six lanes.

This phase, part of a $47 million project announced in late 2012, calls for all of the work to be done along John Deere Road/Illinois 5 between Interstate 74 and 38th Street in Moline. The 41st Drive connector from Coaltown Road to 38th Street will be widened and reconstructed. Also, a new two-span plate girder bridge with a concrete deck, traffic signals and other work will be built.

McCarthy Improvement Co. of Davenport was the lowest of three bidders at $16,246,154. The project will be overseen by the Illinois Department of Transportation, or DOT.

Construction will begin Feb. 3, weather permitting, and be completed during August 2015, said Jae Miller of the DOT communications office.

The second phase of the project that includes the actual widening of John Deere Road will begin in the spring of 2016 and be completed in the fall of 2017, Miller said.

The project is part of Quinn’s $31 billion Illinois Jobs Now! program, which will support more than 439,000 jobs over six years, according to the governor’s office, which called it the largest capital construction program in state history.

“Our investment will make sure this vital Quad-Cities road receives needed improvements and upgrades,” Quinn said. “The project will also employ a number of construction workers, which will help the local economy.”

When Quinn originally announced the Moline project, he said the first phase of construction would begin in 2013 with the building of an overpass just west of 38th Street, but that did not occur on schedule. The original schedule called for the second phase of the project to be completed in mid- to late 2016.

A wetlands issue necessitated changing plans for the overpass near 38th Street.

When the first phase that includes the overpass is completed, left turns at 38th Street will be eliminated and so will the traffic signal. That, officials say, should improve traffic flow at that intersection, which has seen a boost in commercial activity. The additional lanes of traffic, expanding John Deere Road from four to six lanes between 38th and 70th streets, are expected to improve traffic on the busy thoroughfare.

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