Block Rock Island Clean Line volunteers including farmland owners, “impacted homeowners and concerned tax paying citizens are hosting an informational meeting “to the community and others impacted by the High Voltage DC power lines” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 30 at Pitstick Pavilion, Route 23, north of Ottawa.

At a recent strategy session by the group, Paul Marshal spoke about the potential impact on farmland and farming practices and the intervention opposing the project as filed by Illinois Farm Bureau. He discussed Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s filing of an intervention on behalf of her clients the Illinois Department of Agriculture, according to a press release from the Block RICL group.

“Scott Thorson shared information he had researched as to the other side of the company Clean Line,” according to Block RICL group member Susan Sack. “Clean Line is owned by private investors from New York and Texas: billionaires who made the Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 wealthiest people in the U.S. This private capitalist venture proposes the RICL project as well as Grain Belt Express, and Plains and Eastern transmission lines; targeting transporting wind energy from western states to east coast states. He informed the group of the company’s Enron ties and complex structure as well as the past jobs some of the company’s employees held.”

“Patricia Rod spoke out as a tax paying citizen who owns land along one of the alternative routes not selected in RICL’s ICC application for public utility status,” Sack said. “She expressed concern that if the company was granted public utility status they could use the power of eminent domain and again move the proposed route. She noted that landowners are not out of danger of having their lands seized.”

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