Glen Ellyn School District No. 41’s plan to acquire land for the proposed Hadley Junior High was met with much hostility when residents voiced their displeasure at a recent meeting regarding the proposal. When asked how many people present supported the plan, one person raised his/her hand.

This dissent should probably not come as any surprise as the plan for the junior high would require the acquisition of property currently owned by Wheaton College. Glen Ellyn plans to make a formal offer to the College next week and if declined, pursue eminent domain as a course of action. 

Wheaton College Vice President for Finance Dale Kemp said the district’s proposal to pursue an “involuntary taking” of Wheaton College’s East Campus is leading to an “unfortunate conflict” between two well-respected institutions.

He said District 41 has also underestimated the value of the property.

“Our recent purchase of a nearby 5.3 acre parcel for $8 million suggests a value of our East Campus in excess of $20 million,” he said.

Sever Storey note: And as is often the case, Mr. Kemp is likely correct.

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