A proposed project that would move natural gas through a 232-mile pipeline has the potential to affect a substantial number of Oregon landowners, should energy company Williams obtain approval to move forward. Known as the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, the proposed pipeline would move 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas each day from Malin, Oregon to the Jordan Cove LNG Terminal in Coos Bay, where it would be liquefied in order to transport it to overseas markets.

Williams seeking permanent easements

In order to gain access to the land through which the pipeline would run, Williams is seeking permanent easements from affected landowners. An easement1 is a right to enter and use another person’s land for a specific purpose. Williams is offering landowners compensation for the easements they seek, which they have the right to refuse. If they did, however, Williams may still be able to obtain the land by requesting the government exercise its power of eminent domain, allowing it to take private property from landowners, so long as it is for a public purpose and the land owner receives just compensation.

Do landowners who may be affected by the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline need an attorney?

The eminent domain lawyers are strongly urging that any landowner that believes that he or she may be affected by the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Determining the value of an easement in this type of context can be a complicated issue, and the assistance an attorney will help ensure that landowners obtain the compensation to which they are entitled. Some of the ways in which an experienced eminent domain attorney can help include the following:

•    Independently assess the value of the land
•    Negotiate a fair and reasonable offer
•    Represent you in any eminent domain proceedings that may arise.

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