Block Grain Belt Express met at the Polo Christian Church Thursday, May 22. The purpose of their meeting was to educate landowners in the county about facts not given by Grain Belt Express in their quest to acquire land easements, and to keep members updated on the latest happenings.

Among their many concerns is the fact that Grain Belt Express (GBE) is a for-profit private company from Texas that is already 40% owned by the National Grid out of the U.K. The project does not provide a significant benefit to Missourians nor does it fulfill a necessity, both of which are required by a utility company with power of eminent domain. The energy the company claims it will drop off in Missouri is a fraction of 1% of the state’s electricity usage. It could very easily set a precedent for giving public utility status and the power of eminent domain to other out-of-state or foreign private companies.

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