I am disgusted with all the Illinois senators, representatives and the governor for yet another bill – SB20 – to trample and rob property owners in the Peotone Airport footprint and the path of the Illiana Tollroad of their land, homes, businesses and way of life.

Gov. Pat Quinn, Speaker Mike Madigan and all their puppets and cronies have more pressing state government issues to worry about than sneaking in verbiage into a bill otherwise promoted to implement “quick take” and eminent domain for proposed projects that are not needed.

The Peotone airport and Illiana toll road are being promoted as job projects, What a joke! Illinois could put many tradesmen to work by repairing, improving and upgrading existing state roadways and ultimately save millions of dollars as a “no build” option.

How do our senators, representatives and governor sleep at night knowing they have no regard for hardworking taxpayers’ homes, business, life savings?

– Virginia Hamann, Peotone

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