Mine was not one of the more fortunate homes that was eliminated. I live dead center of the B-3 proposed route for the Illiana Expressway.

Indiana accounts for 11 miles of this toll road versus 36 miles for Illinois. They are projecting 25,000 jobs but fail to state what type and where. What percentage will aid Indiana?

I am not against progress, but I relocated here because of the peacefulness and seclusion of country living. If this toll road or major factories or schools were already in place, I would have settled elsewhere. This was to be my retirement home.

Many north/south roads are being considered for closing, creating safety concerns for ambulances, firetrucks and school buses.

The reason for this toll road is not to relieve traffic; it is a ploy to provide a direct route to the Peotone airport, in Illinois.

– Michael A. Moniak, Lowell

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