he Eastern Bypass Coalition is dedicated to supporting this proposed road project with arguments based in fact.
In the April 27 Journal Star story, “Building Transportation,” I stated: “Name me a metropolitan area our size – and with our economic power – that doesn’t have a ring road.” To support that statement we have analyzed population and economic prosperity using the list of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MPOs) of 300,000 to 400,000 people – in which the Peoria area falls – and the Department of Commerce’s 2011 Gross Domestic Product rankings. Within this analysis of 12 MPOs, only four outside the Peoria were identified was being without a ring road, as shown by the chart.
It’s important to note that Anchorage is bordered by water; Boulder is connected to the I-470 Denver toll ring road and borders the Rockies to the west; Lincoln, Neb. is served by I-180 and 77 Homestead Expressway; and Evansville is served through I-164 from I-64.
More than 75 state and federal legislators, local communities, counties, businesses and organizations thus far officially have logged support for the Eastern Bypass with the Illinois Department of Transportation. Our coalition is appreciative of the recognition and support, specifically the state’s recent allocation of $2.5 million in funding as we progress with the corridor and alignment phases.
It is true that our state faces significant economic challenges. However, funding of our infrastructure is paid through dollars collected through state and federal fuel tax. These funds are used for both maintenance and repair and new projects to support infrastructure. Our state must compete not only regionally and nationally, but with emerging nations such as China and India, which are investing billions of dollars in new infrastructure.
The Eastern Bypass is an investment in the future. As history has demonstrated, the road to progress begins with a road.

-Mike Hinrichsen is president of the Eastern Bypass Coalition, a Tri-County Regional Planning Board commissioner, and a member of the Woodford County Board. He lives in Germantown Hills.

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SEVER STOREY NOTE: The proposed Eastern Bypass, which would connect I-74 to Ill 6 near Peoria–received a big boost months ago when it received funding from the state for additional engineering studies.

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