The Ohio Department of Transportation hosted an open house last Thursday July 25, 2013 to show the public plans for an improved Interstate 76/77 interchange in Akron. The plan is aggressive and calls for major changes. The plan also calls for the purchase of a number of commercial buildings and homes in the area surrounding the current interchange. The plan includes:

• Shutting down the nearby Wolf Ledges Parkway/Grant Street interchange.

• Abandoning a portion of South Broadway at the highway.

• Relocating a part of South Main on the south end, and turning it from a one-way street into a two-way road from near GOJO Industries to Miller Avenue.

• Tearing down homes along West South Street for a new exit ramp from eastbound I-76/77.

ODOT is hoping work will start in 2016. However, this is not a certainty. Money is understandably an issue for the over $95 million project. Things are looking good though. The project has been tabbed as a Tier 1 recommendation in the Governor’s new $3 billion transportation funding plan.

Assuming the money does come through, the impacts on area landowners will be substantial. As mentioned earlier, the project will require the purchase of a number of commercial buildings and homes in the area. There will also be other property impacts of a less substantial nature. Property owners should begin considering their options and formulating a plan ASAP. Remember, ODOT is required to pay just compensation for the taking of any property.

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