Perhaps one of the most important eminent domain cases in recent years was Kelo v. New London, a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in 2005. That ruling changed the way that the “public use” requirement for eminent domain powers could be interpreted, expanding it to include private developments that may benefit the public through economic development.

The ruling has led a number of states to pass laws restricting such a use of eminent domain, though many states allow the Kelo ruling to stand precedent, changing the scope of how landowners in those states may be affected by eminent domain. Now, the movie Little Pink House tells the story of the woman who fought for her right to keep her home in this groundbreaking case.1

Not only can Little Pink House shed some light on the eminent domain process and the powers of the government regarding condemnation, but it can also shed light on the very personal loss that can come with eminent domain.

Too many people may think that if landowners receive money for their property, they should not be too upset to have to move their family or company elsewhere. However, our attorneys have seen how much eminent domain can uproot and completely change the lives of landowners – and not for the better.

It is important for people to see the human cost of eminent domain so they understand the importance of fighting for property ownership rights when they are threatened by a wrongful eminent domain action. Susette Kelo and her little pink house can be an inspiration to all of us to continue to fight for what is right in the face of overreaching eminent domain claims.

The attorneys at Sever Storey are involved with many projects that can have a drastic effect on the lives of many landowners. By getting involved in the eminent domain cases resulting from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), the Bluegrass Pipeline Project, the Southern Access Extension Project, and many others, we protect the interests of property owners who may be affected by these large-scale and often controversial projects. We are dedicated to protecting your interests if you are facing an eminent domain case.

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