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Construction could start soon on a major pipeline passing through Illinois, but the project faces negotiations with landowners and opposition from environmentalists.

The pipeline, which would connect the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico, would run southwest of Springfield, passing Jacksonville, Litchfield and other nearby cities. The project would require some landowners to sell their property through eminent domain. It comes on the heels of a similar but separate project – the Keystone XL pipeline – being vetoed by President Barack Obama.

Texas-based company Energy Transfer Partners seeks permission from the Illinois Commerce Commission to build a pipeline through the state. The company must get permission not only to build the pipeline, but also to use eminent domain powers for land acquisition.

The pipeline would enter the state from Iowa near Carthage, Illinois, and travel southeast to the regionally important hub at Patoka in southern Illinois. That leg would be called the Dakota Access Pipeline. Another leg, called the ETCO pipeline, would be made by repurposing an existing natural gas line that runs from Patoka to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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