Governors from both states linked by the proposed Illiana Expressway project kicked off a season of politicking for the boondoggle third passageway into Chicagoland in late June as they presented the project to investors and federal highway officials alike.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence both billed the so-called Illiana Expressway as a way to create jobs. Officials estimate the expressway will bring roughly 9,000 construction jobs and about 25,000 more permanent jobs.

he proposed highway linking the two states has been discussed for decades, and both states agreed to move forward in 2010. The proposed route will go from Interstate 55 near Willington, Ill., to Interstate 65 in Indiana. Land acquisition and construction could start in 2015, and construction for the project is expected to take about three years.

“Our nation will not achieve our full potential in the 21st century if we don’t relight the pilot light of the industrial Midwest,” Pence said. “… And the Illiana is central to putting the Midwest back at the very center of American prosperity.”

SEVER STOREY NOTE: While officials are suggesting land acquisition could begin in 2015, based on the comments of an accelerated schedule, the attorneys at Sever Storey would not be surprised to see land acquisition begin as early as 2014.

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