Representatives from Clean Line Energy met with landowners Tuesday morning at the Church of the Nazarene Fellowship Hall to provide information about the proposed transmission line routes through southern Shelby County.Outside the building, a grassroots protest group fighting the Grain Belt Express gathered to inform landowners of their position.

Touring the room in small groups, the representatives explained how the wind energy could be transmitted from southwestern Kansas to the Eastern Grid link in western Indiana with minimal impact on the land. Three proposed routes cut through townships south of Route 16 in the county. The system is called Grain Belt Express Clean Line.

“Our objective is to get more landowners here to comment on the project,” said Clean Line representative Ally Smith. “There will be two more public meetings early next year. We’re looking to have large landowner involvement at those meetings. There’s a lot of misinformation out there.”

Landowners also were asked to locate their property on large maps and mark any outstanding features on their property, such as cemeteries or buildings. Landowners were also asked to fill out a comment card to leave with the representatives.

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