With the warming weather of spring and summer approaching, Kentucky residents may be looking for the Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.  Unfortunately, eminent domain[1] claimed the speedway’s land, forcing the track to end their 2015 season early. The land which was claimed for a highway project, included approximately 36 acres, encompassed the racetrack’s pit area, maintenance building, ticket office and scales, rendering the racetrack’s utilities inoperable.

In 2014, the Commonwealth of Kentucky gave notice that its reconstruction of the I-24/Purchase Parkway Interchange for the I-69 corridor would take much of the real property used to operate the racetrack. After communicating with state officials, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet filed a condemnation lawsuit in Marshall Circuit Court to take the racetrack property by eminent domain in July 2014.  On Monday, September 21, the Court granted the Commonwealth’s motion for an interlocutor order to take the land. Thereafter, the racetrack owners made the decision to close the racetrack.

Kentucky Eminent Domain

The University of Kentucky [2] Cooperative Extension Service describes eminent domain as the right of the Commonwealth to take land for a public purpose.  The term “condemnation” is a process to take private property for a public purpose under the right of eminent domain.

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