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The company proposing a natural gas pipeline that would run across northern Ohio went into court this week to force property owners in Green and New Franklin to allow surveyors on their property. As plans for the 250-mile pipeline move forward, it is natural that opposition would grow in suburban communities, where homeowners have made substantial investments. What residents should not expect is that seeking to block access will halt the pipeline project.

The agency responsible for approving the Nexus pipeline, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, does consider local safety and environmental concerns. It also must take into account a broad set of priorities, weighing local concerns in the balance with the overall energy requirements of an entire nation.

To their credit, city leaders in Green, working with a grass-roots group called the Coalition to Reroute Nexus, proposed a specific alternative to the company’s route, shifting some 103 miles of pipeline farther to the south. In that way, it would cross less-populated areas in southern Stark and Wayne counties.

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