In mid-April, Governor Quinn presented Illinois’ six year construction plan for the improvement and creation of highways and streets. These plans run from Fiscal Year 2014-2019 and detail all the planned projects across the state (Note: Fiscal Year 2014 begins July 1, 2013). The proposed I-74 bridge project was part of these plans but the John Deere Road Expansion project, also part of the plan, it seems will be receiving priority treatment.

“We need to complete that piece between I-74 and 70th St. in Moline, so we have a very good corridor,” said Denise Bulat, with the Bi-State Regional Commission.

Sever Storey has already held a seminar with Moline, IL, residents about the John Deere project and will continue to aggressively attempt to remind landowners in the path of either project their rights in land acquisition.

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