Many landowners believe that they would know what to do if a pipeline company requested permission to use part of their land. However, many property owners have risked losing compensation they deserve by negotiating or responding to condemnation action without completely understanding their rights. The following are points to remember if a pipeline company requests an easement.

Do Not Gloss Over Terms You May Not Understand.

Pipeline negotiators use many complex legal terms including slope easement, temporary construction easement, and fee simple interest. Many people do not understand the full implications of these terms that frequently refer to the legal conveyance of property rights. You should always consult with a legal professional who can help you understand the seriousness of the proposed transaction.

You Can Refuse to Allow Them on Your Property.

Some pipeline companies might state that they need to survey your land. You can refuse if the company has not obtained legal permission to enter. You do not have to allow them on your land.

You Do Not Have to Negotiate.

Many pipeline companies send professional negotiators to convince landowners to agree to an easement. If you believe the initial offer for the use of your land seems low, the negotiator may encourage you to make a counter-offer. If you do not have the information you need, you are not required to respond to her. You should always seek help from an eminent domain law firm that can review offers and engage in professional negotiations on your behalf.

If an Easement Is Granted, It Should Be Restricted to a Specific Area of Your Land.

If you agree to an easement, the pipeline company workers may exceed their limited use of your land. For example, the easement may only cover the actual construction zone, but workers may spread out from that zone to take breaks and store materials. They are required to obtain the legal right to use the land, and you have the right to restrict their use to the area specified in the easement.

These are only some things you should know about if a pipeline company wants to use your land. You should always realize you have the right to seek help from an attorney before agreeing to anything or negotiating with a company.

Contact an Experienced Eminent Domain Attorney for More Information

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