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JEFFERSONVILLE — Indiana Department of Transportation officials will conduct a public hearing for proposed reconstruction and extension of Old Salem Road at Utica on Wednesday, June 17, at Utica Elementary School, 210 Maplehurst Drive, Jeffersonville.

The proposed project would extend Old Salem Road from Fourth Street at Utica northwest to the new interchange at Ind. 265. It would reconstruct the existing road to accommodate two 11-foot wide lanes in each direction. Plans call for sidewalks on either side of Old Salem Road between Fourth and Sixth streets. A structure over Lentzier Creek would be replaced, according to an INDOT press release.

The Old Salem Road project requires about 12 acres of permanent right-of-way acquisition. No displacement of residents or businesses is anticipated.

An informal open house begins at 5:30 p.m. allowing attendees an opportunity to view informational displays and talk one-on-one about the proposed project with engineering designers, real estate representatives and INDOT personnel. At 6 p.m., the public hearing gets underway with a formal presentation of preliminary plans. Interested persons will then be encouraged to make public comment about the proposal. These comments will be recorded and reviewed before further development of engineering plans.

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