With the recent enactment of the Clean Power Plan,1 it has become increasingly important for states to take steps to cut down on carbon pollution and find new ways to use clean energy on a widespread basis. Representatives in Illinois are trying to bring clean electricity to an estimated 1.6 million residences through the Grain Belt Express Line2 sponsored by Clean Line Energy. The project would deliver wind-powered energy starting just south of Quincy, Illinois, across Clark County, and then would travel approximately two miles across the Indiana state border. Indiana has already approved the project though the state of Illinois is still pending a regulatory approval.

How the Grain Belt Express Line would affect homeowners

At a recent public meeting3 in Raymond, Illinois, nearby landowners gathered to voice their concerns and ask questions about how the wind power project would affect them. Seven other similar meetings were held in other towns that would be on the Grain Belt Express Line. In order for the project to succeed, Clean Line Energy would have to place towers on many different private properties, many of which are working farms.

Representatives from Clean Line Energy have stated they plan to pay landowners nearly $42 million over the course of 20 years for use of their land for tower placement and maintenance. However, many farm owners are concerned that the tower placement is going to interfere with the operations of their farm and, in turn, their livelihood. The company responded that they wish to respect farmland and prefer to conduct voluntary negotiations with landowners. However, if Illinois approves the project, and landowners that refuse to cooperate will likely face condemnation actions to obtain easements on their land.

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