No one speaks for us B-3 people (B-3 being the proposed route of the Illiana). I was first blessed with the installation of power electric lines across my property and near my home.

After the expert condemnation lawyers and their land experts got done with me, a pittance was paid and for the past 43 years I have been forced to accept the inconvenience and ugliness of these power lines and towers.

Now Illiana wants to take more of my land to build its expressway parallel to the power lines. Again I expect expert lawyers and Realtors will testify as to how little my land is worth and how the din of day and night truck traffic has no monetary consequence.

Will Indiana pay for my lawyers and experts (as it does for many criminals)?

Why is this expressway needed? Could it not be built in less intrusive and less expensive areas — such as by expanding Ind. 10?

We B-3 people can next look forward to the Peotone airport and jets flying low overhead.

– Bill Kowalski, Cedar Lake

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SEVER STOREY NOTE: Bill, I can say, if you are reading that the attorneys at Sever Storey, LLP, will be there until the end. Look for us at the next public meeting or schedule a meeting and we can speak to you or a group free of charge.

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