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A proposed $8.4 billion Illinois highway plan unveiled last week includes $118 million for preliminary work on the Illiana Expressway, but the 50-mile toll road project remains in limbo, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Gov. Bruce Rauner’s inauguration day executive order putting the $1.5 billion Illiana Expressway under review remains in place, according to Illinois Department of Transportation spokesman Guy Tridgell.

“Overall status remains unchanged,” Tridgell stated in an email sent in response to an inquiry on the Illiana Expressway. “On pause and under review. No timeline as to when the review process will be complete.”

The multi-year highway construction plan unveiled by IDOT last week specifies funding amounts for several projects needed to get Illiana Expressway construction underway. It specifies $73.1 million for moving utilities, $20 million for land acquisition, $18.1 million for engineering work and $6.8 million for wetland mitigation.

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