The Federal Highway Administration granted approval for the proposed Illiana Corridor Friday, marking the end of the first stage for the massive project.

The next step for the transportation departments of both Illinois and Indiana will be to conduct studies into the specific route within the chosen B-3 Corridor, which connects Wilmington, IL to Lowell, IN and is depicted below:

From the Chicago Tribune: Despite the federal approval, the Illiana has no guarantee of being built because no state or federal funding is available. Officials hope to develop the highway as a public-private partnership.

Although known as the Illiana Expressway, the project likely would be a toll road. The latest estimated cost is $1.25 billion for the 47-mile project. The Illinois and Indiana transportation departments have been planning the Illiana for years. The highway has the strong backing of Gov. Pat Quinn, who believes it would spur economic development and create jobs.

Sever Storey has already held three seminars for affected landowners and anticipates having several more in the upcoming months.

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