A landowner-friendly meeting sponsored by several counties’ farm bureaus drew questions and concern from local property owners, slated to be affected by the proposed Rock Island Clean Line.

The Illinois Farm Bureau has officially opposed the line.

“As this project moved on and there was growing concern about how the project would be sited and the intent of the project, the Illinois Farm Bureau board reviewed and discussed at length the proposed project and decided to take the position to oppose the project. As of now, the Illinois Farm Bureau is opposed to the project,” Rae Payne, senior director of business and regulatory affairs for the Illinois Farm Bureau, said.

Many citizens were worried that once the line gains authority to build the line–a virtual certainty–their property would be immediately acquired with no warning. Under Illinois law, Clean Line Energy, the company behind the project, must make a good faith effort at acquiring the land privately.

Sever Storey strongly recommends that landowners contact an attorney as soon as Clean Line makes first contact. Sever Storey will always offer free consulting to landowners subject to eminent domain.

If you think you may be affected by the Rock Island Clean Line contact our office at any time at 1-888-318-3761 or visit us on the web at www.landownerattorneys.com.

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