According to a condemnation relocation expert, over a quarter of businesses relocated because of eminent domain fail within 5 years of the relocation.

Why is that? How then, if the Illinois Department of Transportation wants to keep you whole as a result of the acquisition, does that same organization succeed only 75% of the time?

It’s the same reason that agency doesn’t offer fair market value for your business about 99% of the time per our appraisal experts.

Relocation is the lesser known, step-child of condemnation. No one really knows what it is or what it should be and as a result, condemnees (particularly businesses) get hosed for the necessary reimbursements necessary to sustain a business. Very few people or firms have a grasp on relocation, so when IDOT asks you to “back up” your claim for relocation, silence is usually the end result.

Time to change that.

Sever Storey has a firm grasp on relocation. We understand the ins and outs of relocation assistance and have the necessary experts on hand to assist you in calculating the full extent of your entitlements.

Things to keep in mind for relocation in Illinois:

1. Relocation expert costs are almost entirely reimbursable by the State (read: your expert almost works for free)

2. If a project forces you out of your business or residence, you are ALWAYS entitled to relocation regardless of who the condemnor is. It doesn’t matter if it is the State, the Tollway, a city, a village, a powerline, a gas company, etc, etc….. Don’t let them tell you otherwise because it is untrue.

3. Relocation, especially when it comes to a business, is about much more than the “moving of a business.” The condemning authority may present relocation as a literal “packing up and tranportation of belongings” move. Any business owner will tell you  that moving a business includes much more reestablishment costs. These costs are reimburseable.

–Jordan Walker, Sever Storey Illinois Attorney

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